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The carpet glossary of terms

When it comes to style, nothing can beat a carpet installation. At Twin Brothers Floors, our fully stocked rug inventory includes hundreds of patterns, colors, styles, and designs, with something for every decor and budget. Make sure, however, to prioritize your installation’s requirements because when they’re aligned, it’ll go a long way toward great appearance, performance, and longevity. Here, from your carpet stores in Lutz, and Zephyrhills, FL, are terms you should know.

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Fiber: the backbone of a rug

Fiber is what the strands are made from, and they can be natural, such as wool, or synthetic, such as nylon. Your selection will ultimately come down to your personal preference, durability, stain resistance needs, and budget. Synthetics are more stain-resistant and, depending on style, can be just as soft. Besides nylon, they include polyester, olefin (polypropylene), and Triexta.

Anatomy of a rug

When rugs are made, fibers are pulled through the backing, either looped or cut in a straight upright position, called a cut pile. Fibers can also be sheared at varying lengths or even combine a cut and looped construction.

A breakdown includes:

  • Frieze, with longish fibers that are so tightly twisted they curl. It is excellent for less formal rooms, such as family and game areas. When the fibers are longer and straight, it becomes a shag, now available in a broad color palette. Both styles are considered high pile.

  • Berber. This is a straight looped construction, with a low pile that has short, tightly woven fibers. This style is soft, and low pile rugs are somewhat easier to keep clean and more durable. You will often see low pile rugs in offices or other commercial facilities.

  • Saxony is a popular cut pile. It’s neither a high nor low pile and comes in two versions: Straight Saxony, which is plush and has a soft, velvety feeling underfoot. It is excellent for formal rooms like the living area. Textured Saxony is patterned with often-twisted fibers; it is sometimes referred to as “trackless” because it won’t leave vacuum marks or footprints.

  • Cut and loop. This is as it sounds, with both looped and cut fibers creating a pattern with a sculpted or marble-like texture. That’s the main appeal of this construction! The texture is a significant design trend these days, so the cut and loop rug works well with contemporary décor.

Our on-site designer will help you find the best carpet for your installation! Visit the Twin Brothers Floors showrooms in Lutz and Zephyrhills, FL. You’ll come out with inspiration, information and both a free quote and design consultation for your carpet project. We service Lutz, FL, Zephyrhills, FL, Tampa, FL, Town ‘N’ Country, FL, Temple Terrace, FL, North Tampa, FL, Land O’ Lakes, FL, Odessa, FL, Brandon, FL && New Port Richey, FL.


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