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Hardwood Flooring

The Beauty of Hardwood

As you begin searching for the right flooring for your home, it’s likely that you’ve heard hardwood flooring mentioned more than a few times. If you’ve never had hardwood flooring before, you may be asking yourself, “what’s all the hype about?” At Twin Brothers Flooring in Tampa, we want to provide you with all the information and guidance you need to choose the right flooring for you, whether that’s hardwood or something else.

On this page, you’ll find information about what makes hardwood flooring so special, as well as some tips for choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home and lifestyle. Continue reading below, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!

Better Air Quality

If you’re someone who has allergies, hardwood flooring could be a wonderful option for you. It’s no secret that carpet can trap dust, pollen, and other allergy hazards, which can reduce the air quality in your home. With hardwood flooring, however, you don’t have to worry about anything getting trapped within the fibers of your flooring.

Looks Good With All Decor

Another reason people choose hardwood flooring is that it looks great with all decor. Hardwood offers a neutral tone that you can spice up with different rugs or accent pieces to really make the decor in your home come alive.


Hardwood flooring is an investment, and as such, you want it to last for a long time. Luckily, with proper care, it does! Hardwood flooring is less likely to become damaged than other types of flooring, it’s easy to clean, and if you notice your flooring becoming dull, you can always refinish it!

These are just a few of the top reasons why hardwood is such a popular flooring choice. If we have you convinced, continue reading below to learn how you can pick the right flooring for you, or reach out to us at Twin Brothers Flooring in Tampa to get started!

How to choose the right hardwood flooring for your home

There’s more to selecting wood floors than just deciding on species and color. You have to think about things like extra durability needs, budget, and overall style. It’s essential to get it right, especially since floors are both a significant investment and the basis for the room’s entire atmosphere and your home’s character. Here’s how to navigate the decisions you’ll have to make.

Engineered wood flooring vs. solid

The only difference between the two is the construction. Solid is, as it sounds, made from one piece of wood, but engineered is a layered construction that makes it stable and better able to handle water. It is taking a significant share of the wood flooring market because it appeals to those who want both beauty and practicality. At the top is a slab, giving it undertones, knots, swirls, and grains. Underneath are three or more genuine wood layers combined with a little resin and placed in a crosswise position.

Factory vs. site finished

The finish is the clear topcoat that protects the floor, not to be confused with stain. Some prefer factory finish because they know exactly what they are getting; they have samples to start coordinating other furnishings. On the other hand, others prefer to have it finished on site because they have better control over color and sheen. Also, think about stains because some hardwood species accept them better than others, affecting your selection of species. Or, maybe you want to leave the floors unstained!

Domestic or exotic species?

Domestics are those species harvested within North America, while exotics are harvested in Brazil, Indonesia, Africa, or other locations. Domestics are warmer and more traditional, while exotics are dark, dramatic, and very hard. The most popular domestic species are oak, maple, walnut, cherry, beech, ash, and hickory. The most popular tones are warm browns, dark charcoal; graphite; grey; blond, whitewashed, and white oak (which, despite its name, is a light-to-medium brown). While you’re thinking of species, also decide if you want a wider or narrower plank.

Whether you are considering solid or engineered hardwood flooring, you can be assured of high quality, craftsman like installations. Our in-house installers possess years of experience, which gives them the knowledge to spot and avoid potential challenges and then handle them if they do come up. To learn more, visit the Twin Brothers Floors showrooms in Lutz, and Zephyrhills, FL, especially if you live in Lutz, FL, Zephyrhills, FL, Tampa, FL, Town ‘N’ Country, FL, Temple Terrace, FL, North Tampa, FL, Land O’ Lakes, FL, Odessa, FL, Brandon, FL || New Port Richey, FL. Come in for a free design consultation and in-depth quote for your hardwood flooring.


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