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Luxury Plank Vinyl Flooring


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Looks Great and is Built to Last

Affordable AND DURABLE 


100% WaterProof
Extraordinarily Realistic
PErfect for High Traffic Areas
Installed on Any Surface
Very Affordable
Easy To Repair Damage

What is Vinyl plank good for

Adss glamorous looks to your home for less!  Luxury vinyl tiles and planks are a cost effective way to get the hardwood look without breaking the bank.  They are especially awesome for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and entryways because they are water resistant and extremely durable. These floors can take a beating and look great.

Whenever homeowners are thinking about renovating their homes, flooring is one of the first considerations. New flooring can transform a room into an appealing, inviting space. While home renovations can be a bit overwhelming it doesn’t mean it needs to be overly expensive too. If you are looking for durable, quality flooring, then you should consider installing luxury vinyl plank.

Vinyl Plank Flooring in Many Colors and Styles.

The luxury vinyl plank flooring options Twin Brothers Floors  carries are a great choice if you’re looking for a unique design or color with your hardwood-like flooring choice. Along with its beauty, luxury vinyl plank is easy to clean, able to handle all kinds of spills, stain, fading, and other daily wear and tear. 

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring for a Kitchen

While hardwood and tile are two of the most popular kitchen floors, they do require careful care and maintenance. Luxury vinyl, however, is a perfect solution. It’s completely resistant to scratches and dents, and is totally waterproof, so any spills or drops won’t cause damage. Plus, with its ability to mimic a hardwood floor, you can still get the look and feel without the maintenance or expense.

Benefits for Bathroom/Laundry Room

Picking the right floor for your laundry room is particularly challenging because of all the potential sources that could cause damage. Heavy appliances can dent the floor, any spills, such as bleach, will stain the floor and leaks risk water damage or mold growth. Bathroom flooring also must be carefully considered for water and moisture resistance. There’s also the visual appeal to consider, especially in a master bathroom.

Benefits for Vinyl Flooring in the Bedroom

Traditionally, bedroom flooring is always installed with carpets, simply because it is soft and warmer on the feet. The only downside is that carpets require regular cleaning and can trap dust and hair, which could trigger allergies. Next to carpeting, hardwood flooring is the second favorite option. It creates an impressive and sleek look and doesn’t trap dust. The downside to this though, is hardwood also requires plenty of maintenance, and can be expensive to install. Once again, luxury vinyl offers the sleek hardwood look without the cost or maintenance. Thanks to its durability, it can also easily be an option for kids’ rooms, without risking scratches or damage. If you also put luxury vinyl in the master bathroom, it will create a flowing and dramatic look to your floor and room

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